Boxer Badou Jack’s foundation will use proceeds from US sales of nutrition bars to provide for refugee children in Jordan

Swedish boxer Badou Jack plans to feed between 50,000 and 75,000 refugee children in the Middle East each day through nutritional shakes in a bid to combat widespread malnutrition among youngsters living in camps, the two-time world champion has revealed.

In an interview with Arabian Business, the Swedish boxer said that the shakes will be paid for through the sale of his ‘Ripper Nutrition’ bars in the United States.

“It’s nutrition with a purpose and all tied into the foundation,” he said. “It’s all about giving kids around the world a fighting chance in life.”

Baqaa refugee camp and orphanage Badou Jack group

Initially, the programme will focus on Palestinian and Syrian refugee children living in Jordan, but will eventually expand to Jack’s ancestral home in Gambia, West Africa.

“We’re going to make it huge. This might be bigger than my boxing career,” Jack added. “We’re making a meal replacement shake for the kids in the refugee camps. Every time someone buys a bar from us in the US, it’ll feed a child. The shakes have all the vitamins, protein and nutrients that they need.”

According to Jack, by 2020 the Badou Jack Foundations expects to be providing the nutritional shakes to between 50,000 and 75,000 refugees each day, with 100 percent of the proceeds from sales in the US going towards the programme.

As part of his work with the foundation, earlier this year Jack travelled to camps in Jordan, an experience he called “heartbreaking.”

“Some of them [the children] don’t even have shoes. They have nothing, they come from war and some of them have no parents,” he said. “We just want to help as many kids as possible.”

Jack, who recently moved with his family to Dubai, launched a UAE-based events company last month that marked its debut on May 3 with a boxing and kickboxing event at the Five Palm Jumeirah.

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