Badou Jack is using this Ramadan season to continue his humanitarian project in an effort to eventually start a foundation that can bring in more benefactors and help impact the lives of even more people on a world wide scale. While waiting on the opportunities, Badou Jack has been using his own resources to fund and cary through projects with resources he has made from his fight career.

Currently in Dubai, Badou Jack discussed the launch of his Badou Jack foundation which has been organized to give “kids a fighting chance.” Speaking to the National the biggest paper in the UAE, Badou Jack said “we are not doing this as a Muslim/Non-Muslim thing, but humanities in general; that is the religion that we all abide by. In today’s world unfortunately, there is a lot more segregation, racially, religiously…The messages I get here in Dubai from Everyone, from all different nationalities, religions, and races this whole vision of unity is all tied to the Badou Jack Foundation.”

To Date Badou Jack has participate in some incredible outreach projects including a trip to his native country of Gambia where he fed and clothed people from three villages where he helped pay for them to be supplied with Electricity. Gambia while stable is one of the poorer west African states.

Jack helped rebuild the medical center of Al Baqaa for Palestinian refugees currently living in Jordan, supplying it with new medical equipment and other resources. While Badou has done many outreach projects to support orphanages and communities around the globe his latest outreach project has involved helping send much needed equipment to Ahl Al Azem which is a special needs association in Jordan that helps practice technical jobs.

IN 2008 when Badou Jack went to Beijing he became the first boxer from Gambia to compete in the olympics. Jack who is signed to Floyd Mayweather’s TMT management is currently in the UAE with his wife Yasmeen and their 2 year old daughter Malaniyah and 2 month old son Malik. Talking about Dubai the champion boxer said, “I love Dubai and I’ve got my wife here, maybe we’ll look at some houses here, we’ll see. I’m very spontaneous.” Before going on to say, “Maybe I can be the first world title fighter to fight here.”

Cyborg Nation loves seeing athletes like Badou Jack give back to the less fortunate in the community and wish him a Ramadan Mubarak the rest of the season!

Photos By: Cris Cyborg


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