The Badou Jack Foundation has proudly taken on several missions to
Give Children Across The Globe A Fighting Chance In Life.

Reach 4 Life Nourishment

Our primary focus is centered on providing refugee children with proper daily nutrition to allow their healthy development. A staggering 54% of deaths in refugee children comes from malnutrition. We’ve partnered with Reach 4 Life who have developed a self sustaining program to supply malnourished refugee children with daily nutrition shakes filled with essential vitamins, minerals, & micro / macro nutrients to ensure healthy development and growth.

Badou Jack Education Center

Our recently opened Education Center, located in the heart of the Baqaa Refugee Camp in Jordan focuses on children who have not had proper education due to financial hardships or physical disabilities which prevented their enrollment & acceptance into public schools.  We’ve just opened an Education Center and hired teachers who work with these refugee children, deprived of a proper education, to teach them essential basics such as mathematics, reading, language, &

Refugee Rehabilitation Center

We’re proudly working with the only Handicap Rehabilitation Center in the Baqaa Refugee camp, supplying them with medical equipment, supplies & physical rehabilitation devices.  Every time Badou Jack visits Jordan, he ensures to stop by and visit his friends at the Center.

Orphan Mentor Program

Many Syrian & Palestinian Refugees have lost parents during their migration or shortly afterwards. The Badou Jack Foundation began a mentorship program overseeing a group of Orphaned Refugees through education, field trips, sporting activities & nutritional education.


Global Reach Program
Several villages in Badou Jack’s native Gambia are stricken with poverty, lack of nutrition & essential resources to maintain a standard quality for life.  We’ve supplied food, water and basic resources to hundreds of children & families to aid their basic living conditions & standards.