Here are some of our “fighting chance” stories that have helped us create an impact.

In early 2017, after hearing stories and doing some independent research, Badou Jack felt compelled to visit the Al Baqaa settlement in the country of Jordan. Al Baqaa, which has been housing Palestinians since 1967, is the largest Palestinian refugee settlement in the world. He was devastated at what he witnessed and made it a point to help the camp. He helped equip a physical rehabilitation clinic for orphaned refugees prior to his departure.

Badou left Jordan knowing there was much more work to be done. The memories of those that were affected and their appreciation for all he did to assist them remained with Jack until his return in June 2018.

During his second trip to Jordan, Badou visited Al Baqaa once again and was also invited to see Zataari, the second largest Syrian refugee camp in the world. Established in 2012, Zataari is currently home to over 83,000 Syrians that fled the atrocities of civil war in their home country.

It is estimated that over half the population of Al Baqaa and Zataari is comprised of children under the age of 18. The children of each settlement face similar challenges–a need for food, water, clothing, schooling, heaters, and many other resources.

While returning to the Baqaa camp, Badou opened the first Badou Jack Foundation classroom to educate children that cannot afford proper schooling.

After his second visit to Jordan, Badou formally established the Badou Jack Foundation and began planning a program that will benefit a mass audience while assisting the Palestinian and Syrian refugees of Al Baqaa and Zataari, respectively. Another major initiative of the program is that it will be sustainable, helping generations to come.

Affiliated with his supplement company, Ripper Nutrition, and another non profit organization, Reach 4 Life, the group is assisting the child refugees with meal replacement shakes, fortified with essential micro/macro nutrients, along with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy development, growth, and nutrition. It is the Badou Jack Foundation’s prime initiative, but it is only the beginning.


Badou and the Badou Jack Foundation visited the refugee children in the Asian Development Football Projected spearheaded by His Royal Highness Prince Ali of Jordan. He helped equip them with soccer supplies and spent a day playing and encouraging the youth in the camp, promising them he would return often.

We give refugee children hope for a fighting chance at a brighter future by providing them the resources they need by showing them we care and they are not forgotten.