BADOU JACK could sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labour; two world titles and millions in the bank as the posterboy for Floyd Mayweather promotions.

Instead, the light-heavyweight ace is fighting for refugee children that are freezing to death, starving hungry and painfully poor.

“It’s nutrition with a purpose and all tied into the foundation,” he said. “It’s all about giving kids around the world a fighting chance in life.”

Almost every sports star has their own charity or foundation but few are on the ground physically feeding and clothing some of the world’s most deprived people like the 34-year-old Swede.

His religion and paternal instinct compel him to help on the frontline and, after spending almost a million dollars of his own money on aid trips around the world, he has now set up the Badou Jack Foundation.

If these children need a hero, then there is no better man than the dad-of-two who struggles to describe the agony he has witnessed first-hand.

The former WBA light-heavyweight champ and WBC super-middleweight king said: “You’ve got to try to be a hero. I try to fight for them.

“Their houses are made of aluminium so in the winter they freeze to death.

“But somehow they always have a smile on their face. It is crazy how poor they are, it is so emotional just going there.

“We bought all these orphans lunch but one guy did not want to eat, he just wanted to take it home to feed his mum. They could be my kids.”

Before being handed a harsh draw against Adonis Stevenson in May, Jack visited his father’s homeland of Gambia and supplied three villages with food, water and electricity.

Since then he has made trips to Jordan to visit the Palestinian refugee camp in Al Baqaa and the Syrian camp in Zaatari.

Badou Jack owned the WBC super-middleweight crown and the WBA light-heavyweight crown

The scenes are devastating, as far removed as possible from the hedonistic tourist trap the Las Vegas resident now calls home.

Some of the Syrian children the foundation are helping were victims of chemical attacks when their country was ravaged by civil war.

The urge to return and help and save is overpowering, even for the rock-hard battler who has beaten Brits George Groves and Nathan Cleverly and was handed a harsh draw against James DeGale.

He said: “These kids have a bad life.

“I want to try to make a difference and try to help as many kids as possible. Not just Syrians but everywhere.

Brit James DeGale had his teeth knocked out by Badou Jack in a controversial draw

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