Giving Children Across The Globe A Fighting Chance In Life.

Named after its founder, two-time world boxing champion Badou Jack, the Badou Jack Foundation was created with the purpose of giving underprivileged kids a fighting chance at a better future.

Badou Jack has established a history of assisting the less fortunate whenever the opportunity presents itself. It all began with a trip to his father’s home country, The Gambia, which he represented as a boxer and flag-bearer at the 2008 Olympics, Badou’s heart broke at the sight of the children and families he encountered living in such depravity.

His Islamic upbringing and good-natured persona would not allow him to leave those families empty-handed. He contributed much of his time and personal finances to uplift the lives and hope of the less fortunate before leaving the country.

Badou also made multiple trips to the country of Jordan and saw firsthand the poor conditions of displaced Palestinians and Syrians living in refugee camps. That was the catalyst that made him realize the need to start the Badou Jack Foundation with a mission to donate funds and resources to improve the lives of innocent children affected by conflicts they have no control over.

Badou had a humble upbringing in his native Sweden and never lost sight of his roots as his celebrity continued to rise along with his ascension to the top of the pro boxing pound-for-pound list. “You’ve got to try to be a hero,” added Jack. “Try to fight for these people. They’re just extra motivation. I am not going to fight forever. I think about it as I want to represent them more than I want to hurt other people when I’m in the ring.”

Simply put, the Badou Jack Foundation was built to give kids a fighting chance. As humans, it’s our duty to help other people no matter the country, religion or culture. We share same religion – Peace, and the same race – Humanity.


Protecting the rights and wellbeing of EVERY child

The goal of the Badou Jack Foundation is to become one of the largest organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children across the globe, giving them a fighting chance at a brighter future. Our service begins with innocent refugees that have been displaced from their homes and exposed to deplorable living conditions.

Helping child refugees in need is not the only group the Foundation wishes to help. As the Foundation grows, it will also focus on assisting orphans and other impoverished children all over the world. This is a lifelong mission that will continue indefinitely.